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Still summer (på/i Katrinetorps Gård)

Microsorium pappei, Growing Ferns, Ray Best, 1980

zeth-echoes asked: hi I am a biologist too I like your tumblr !! , I am growing neoregelias from seed they are like 1 to 2.t cm tall got any advice to separate them ang grow them ?

I am a biologist in training and I don’t know very much about plant cultivation!  If anyone else knows please reblog this!


Sex: The Masterpiece of Nature
Raffles Pitcher-Plant (Nepenthes rafflesiana) x Icelandic Poppy(Papaver nudicaule)
A somewhat crude and unusual encounter between two geographically and behaviourally different plants, one native to sub-polar regions of the North, whilst beautiful and lightly fragrant, all parts of this plant are considered poisonous. The other, a slightly carnivorous, exotic and threatened plant from South East Asia, feeds on the gooey soluble nutrients of fallen insects actually has many properties beneficial to humans, the roots can treat stomach aches and dysentery and the stem may be used to treat coughs and fevers.

Creeping Fuchsia - Fuchsia procumbens
Fuchsia procumbens (Myrtales - Onagraceae) is a species native to New Zealand naturally uncommon and is the smallest fuchsia in the world. It is strictly a coastal species found on sandy, gravelly or rocky places near the sea in the North Island.
The flowers are unusual for a fuchsia in that they are upright and yellow in color with red anthers and blue pollen. The flowers occur in September - May followed by edible red berries in early winter.
Reference: [1]
Photo credit: ©James Gaither | Locality: cultivated - San Francisco, California, US (2010)

マスデバリア・ウェヌスタ/Masdevallia venusta by nobuflickr on Flickr.